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Winner of the Consumer’s Choice 2022 award for the third year running in the Physical Rehabilitation Centre category, our pioneering and innovative interdisciplinary clinic specializes in perineal rehabilitation (physiotherapy), in pediatrics, in sexology, in osteopathy, in psychology, in acupuncture, in perinatal care, in nursing and in perinatal support.

The Cigonia team has earned praise from the prestigious recognition site Three Best Rated as one of the top three in the region for physiotherapy competence.


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Management of chronic pelvic pain


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Depending on the problems identified, we can direct you to the treatment best suited to your condition. Our reputation is built on the combination of our different approaches (physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage therapy, sexology, psychology, acupuncture, nursing, perinatal support) and our extensive expertise!

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The Center of Expertise Cigonia is here to help you!

For over 20 years, our pioneering interdisciplinary clinic has specialized in perineal rehabilitation (physiotherapy), pediatrics, sexology, osteopathy, psychology, acupuncture, nursing and perinatal care. Perineal physiotherapy is a recognized and effective solution for the majority of perineal and pelvic conditions.

A professional, experienced and passionate team!

Cigonia | Center of expertise in perineal and pediatric rehabilitation | Cigonia – Center of expertise in perineal and pediatric rehabilitation

Trained in urology, gynecology, osteopathy, sexology, psychology, acupuncture and pediatrics, the Cigonia team includes physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, sexologists, psychologists, nurses, doulas and acupuncturists.

Their dedication and involvement in many research and training activities are a testament to their expertise. They are caring and competent professionals who have completed a subspeciality program in their field.

Consumer’s Choice Award winner three years in a row 2020-2021-2022 – Sherbrooke

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I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the treatments I have received over the last few months at Cigonia. For as long as I can remember, and especially since experiencing complications related to placenta residue following a miscarriage, I’ve had great difficulty undergoing medical examinations, whether it’s a simple blood test, a consultation, a Pap test… Yet the second I walked into the clinic, I felt right at home. My physiotherapist gave me a service that I really appreciated. Among other things, her kindness and encouragement made me feel confident.(…) I felt calm and strong. Thanks to her approach, my confidence in my abilities increased greatly.

A very satisfied client, Perinatal physiotherapy

A big thank you to my massage therapist, whom I discovered thanks to a gift certificate. A very friendly approach and a great place to be!

46-year-old woman, North Hatley, Massage therapy

My little 7-week-old baby had plagiocephaly… Such a panic! I’m now in good hands and I’ve met an osteopath and a physiotherapist who have guided me through the exercises to do, the positions to adopt with my child and now I feel much better equipped to deal with this problem. I’m convinced that everything will return to normal, because I can already see an improvement. Thanks to my little mother’s heart!

29-year-old mother, Sherbrooke, Pediatric osteopathy and pediatric physiotherapy

We came first and foremost to learn a few techniques to better prepare for childbirth. We were charmed by the meeting full of information and tips. I wasn’t very confident about giving birth because it was my first baby and I was told that I was older and that it would be harder to recover afterwards. My delivery was amazing and after 3 months I was running again without sequelae. For me, it’s a miracle! Thank you so much!

36-year-old couple, Windsor, Perinatal care

Since I’ve been sexually active, I had been suffering from excruciating intercourse pain. I was really discouraged. I was recommended to Cigonia by my general practitioner and I’m so glad I had the privilege of meeting the professionals who helped me through it all. I now feel much more at ease in my relationships and I loved the follow-up with my physiotherapist!

25-year-old woman, Magog, Perineal rehabilitation

I won’t hide the fact that I was a little embarrassed to go to perineal rehabilitation for urinary incontinence that appeared after my prostatectomy. I already had to deal with the idea of having prostate cancer, and then there was the shame of urine leakage. The physiotherapist I met gave me great confidence and my condition improved enormously. I no longer wear male sanitary protection and it has really changed my life! A big thank you to the whole team!

67-year-old man, Sherbrooke, Perineal rehabilitation

I’ve come a long way, but here I found at Cigonia the expertise I needed. Professionals who have helped me get my life back without pain. It had been a long time since I’d given up hope of being able to resume my sports without perineal pain or shooting pain. Long live this wonderful team!

69-year-old-man, Granby, Perineal rehabilitation

As a couple, we have benefited greatly from our appointments, which have helped us to grow closer together in the midst of our busy lives: children, work and responsibilities… We now live with a number of tools that allows us to live our intimacy better and cultivate it well. Thank you for your help!

A couple aged 40 and 42 years old, Sherbrooke, Sexology

Physiotherapist Rachel Dumont is always equally excellent and professional. Her warmth, openness and sensitivity, combined with her sure and always effective touch, have made my daily life so much easier and better. THANK YOU!

A 40-year-old patient, Sherbrooke, Physiotherapy

Wow! I loved Evelyne Forest’s approach and explanations… very professional! Exceptional service from the receptionist to the therapist! Great team, beautiful environment, really loved my first experience with my 3-month-old daughter. We’ll be going back in 2 weeks with great pleasure!

30-year-old woman, Osteopathy